Ship to the U.S. at U.S cost. We ship United States Postal Service from Canada to U.S. and International.

Ok have to say I’m SUPER impressed with DYK shipping! I’m absolutely floored by the service! I sent packages to the US on Thursday, normal ground mail, paid about $11-$15 per package, which weighed 4-5lbs each AND at least one arrived at their destination on MONDAY!!! That’s AMAZING!!!

Jennifer Wile

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Christmas Shopping: Nov.-Dec. 2016

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One of our customers call-in live to Angela Kokott’s show, talking about privatizing Canada Post and his experience with DYK Post: Dec. 2016

Your U.S Post Office in Canada

DYK PostPost Office parcel shipping rates too expensive?

Want to skip Canada Post’s parcel services to USA and overseas?

We ship United States Postal Service (USPS) with a retail value of up to $800 USD from Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. We also deliver your parcels directly to the United States UPS and United States FedEx.

We do not accept letter mail to any Canadian addresses.

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