U.S. Bound Shipping

All customers are welcome.
Whether you ship 100 packages or just 1 package, our team at DYK Post is here to help reducing your shipping cost to the U.S.

Simply sign up with Shippo/DYK Post in this exclusive URL link: http://lets.goshippo.com/dykpost

1. Use our address: PO Box 807, Sweet Grass MT 59484 as your shipping from address
2. Check out how cheap to ship with USPS to any USA address
3. Easily connect Shippo/DYK Post to your stores on eBay, Etsy, Shopify and Amazon to print USPS labels
4. Email shippo@dykpost.com after signing up and we could even discount your Priority Mail pricing further.
5. Print USPS labels online and then drop off your labeled packages to your nearest DYK Post

We recommend using Shippo/DYK Post to print your USPS shipping labels.
Contact us and we are here to help!

If you are unable to print USPS labels, just bring your items in and purchase postage directly from our Calgary or Edmonton offices.
We can also print USPS stamps for all your letter mails (except letter mails to any Canadian addresses).

We stock all USPS Priority Flat Rate envelopes/boxes and most USPS Priority shipping envelopes/boxes.
For your convenience, you can pick them up from our location at no charge to you.

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For example, shipping a 0.5 lb (226 gram) package from Canada to any where in the USA will cost less than $6.00 CAD via the United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Mail. Tracking number is already included with 2-3 day delivery time to any where in the USA. DYK fee is already included in the price. Whether this is for shipping documents or a coffee mug, package sizes are not as important for First Class Mail under 1 lb (453 gram) and your packages can be over 2 cm thick.

U.S Bound Shipping: from Canada to USA and International

When it comes to shipping to the US whether for 1 or 1,000 parcels, we are the expert and you can expect to save up to 70% on postage from local post offices. Whether you own an e-commerce site, sell on ebay, etsy or Amazon, come talk to us or simply give us a call and we will show you how to save your shipping charges. This is our guarantee to you.

Below is our price guide for US Bound shipping from Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton:

We charge $0.25 CAD per piece for taking your letter mails to USPS.
We do not sell stamp and do not accept letter delivered to any addressee within Canada.

The following chart shows our charge per parcel for US bound shipping to USPS, US UPS or US Fedex.

Package weight Charge (CAD)
Less than 2 lbs $1.00
2 – < 4 lbs $2.00
4 – < 10 lbs $3.00
10 – <20 lbs $5.00
20 – <30 lbs $8.00
30 – <40 lbs $10.00
40 – <50 lbs $15.00
50 – <60 lbs $20.00
60 – <70 lbs $25.00
70 – <80 lbs $35.00
80 – <90 lbs $45.00
90 – <100 lbs $55.00

Additional charge applies for parcels that are too big at its weight or have non-standard sizes. Starting on Jan 1, 2017, a 3% carbon tax surcharge will be applied to all invoices.

Amazon FBA
We ship to Amazon FBA warehouses as formal entry and you will need to use a customs broker.
The above shipping rate also applies for parcels to Amazon warehouses via UPS/FedEx. There is an additional $20 per PAPS/SCN number that we issue for customs clearance.

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DYK Post ships parcels with a retail value of up to $800 USD to USPS, U.S. UPS and U.S. FedEx at Sweet Grass, MT three days a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There is no need to setup any account with us. Whether 1 package or 100 packages, all customers are welcome.
Pickups from Edmonton and Red Deer are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Cutoff times are always by 6 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (before the shipping day). Account setup is required for all customers from Red Deer so that our staff know where to charge. There is no setup fee or minimum number of package requirement. Contact us for more details.