Shop Online in the USA

DYK Post makes online shopping in the USA and delivery to Canada easy and economical !
1. Shop online in the USA and ship to DYK Post (your name), 408 Oak St, Sweet Grass, MT 59484.
2. Email your receipt(s), tracking number(s), name, address and phone number in Canada to
3. We will clear customs and bring them back to Lethbridge, Red Deer, or our offices in Calgary or Edmonton for you to pickup.

You are responsible for brokerage, import customs duty/tax and warehouse fee where applicable.

Our Shipping Charges

Below is our shipping fee per parcel from Sweet Grass, MT back to Lethbridge, Red Deer, or our offices in Calgary and Edmonton for pickup.

Package weight Charge (CAD)
Less than 2 lbs $1.00
2 – < 4 lbs $2.00
4 – < 10 lbs $3.00
10 – <20 lbs $5.00
20 – <30 lbs $8.00
30 – <40 lbs $10.00
40 – <50 lbs $15.00
50 – <60 lbs $20.00
60 – <70 lbs $25.00
70 – <80 lbs $35.00
80 – <90 lbs $45.00
90 – <100 lbs $55.00

Additional charge applies for parcels that are too big at its weight or have non-standard sizes. Starting on Jan 1, 2017, a 3% carbon tax surcharge will be applied to all invoices.

Details of Charges and Instructions

Canada Bound shipping: Picking up from USA and back to Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton

When you make purchases from US, USA sellers often offer free shipping within the USA but do not ship to Canada. Even if they ship to Canada, their shipping charges and high customs brokerage fee as charged by major couriers delivered to you in Canada are simply too high to justify the purchase. In this case, you can take advantage of our pickup service from the U.S. border, with the unbeatable shipping charge of $1 CAD/parcel (under 2 lbs), to Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer or Edmonton.

Why drive down to the border at Sweet Grass for pickup when you can save money using us? There is no limit on the value of packages coming back as long as they are legal import and must follow all import rules/regulations into Canada. We do not bring back guns, weapons and related accessories, drugs, prescription medicines, spirits, wine, beer, and tobacco products. As per CBSA import procedures, guidelines and policies, only licensed customs brokers can transact business with CBSA, clear your packages and pay customs duty/tax on your behalf. After that, we would be allowed to pick up from the Sweet Grass, MT across the border back to Canada and your items will be available from our office in Calgary or pickup locations in Red Deer or Edmonton for as little as $1 CAD/parcel (under 2 lbs). If you have your own customs broker, we can work with them and provide a CCN/PARS number for your import with the same shipping fee (additional charges apply). Our shipping charge is based on the weight/box coming back as per fee table listed above.
Please be patient as it takes at least a few business days for the customs broker to clear your packages, depending on the type of imports.

Basically, you make purchases from the US and ship them to one of the warehouses at Sweet Grass, MT: At the Border Storage, Montana or Montana Shipping Outlet (via USPS, Fedex or UPS). We will bring them back to you in Lethbridge, Red Deer, or our offices in Calgary and Edmonton for as little as $1 per package in shipping charge (under 2 lbs) according to our shipping fee table above.

You are responsible for brokerage, import customs duty/tax and warehouse fee where applicable.

Our customs brokerage fee is also unbeatable and is based on the invoice price of your items.
Effective on October 8, 2016, we have a new set of pricing for brokerage to save for your import fee.
For clarity, please note that brokerage is the service fee that you are paying the customs broker to transact business with CBSA on your behalf for the import and it is not part of any government duty and taxes. The requirement of a customs broker is set by CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) and not us.

Invoice price converted to $CAD Base brokerage charge $CAD per vendor†
$0-$100 $12.00
$101-$200 $15.00
$201-$300 $20.00
$301-$400 $25.00
$401-$500 $30.00
$501-$1000 $35.00
$1,001-$2,500 $45.00
over $2,500 $45.00 + 0.6% of invoice price

† Additional charges apply if a NAFTA certificate or other government regulatory approval is required for the import.

For your import, we will need the following information from you in order to proceed to the licensed customs broker. We take care of everything and email you when your packages are available for pickup.
1. Original sales invoices, such as email confirmation, clearly showing the item descriptions and prices,
2. Tracking numbers of your parcels, and
3. Your name, address, phone number and email.

Please email these information to for your import and/or inquiry.

Your U.S Shipping Address:

You can ship your purchased items to

DYK Post (your name)
408 Oak St.
Sweet Grass, MT 59484

and we will pick them up for you. Please note that there is a warehouse fee charged by At the Border Storage in Sweet Grass (408 Oak St), Montana per package: a flat rate of $5 USD per box under 60 lbs for storage up to 3 months.
We will pay all of your fee (customs duty/tax/brokerage/warehouse) in advance and collect from you COD when you pick up your packages.
For the purpose of transparency, since we will charge you exactly what we paid to the Government of Canada on your behalf, you can request a copy of this receipt (B3) when you pickup your package.